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Meet the Marrakesh Team

Our Team

Super down to earth cool people, that want to supply their customers with only the highest quality products.

Kevin & Mare Wachs
Founders and CEO

Whether Non-Profit or For-Profit, her ``many hats`` focus on the human engagement in the building

Lynn Gaytan
Operations Specialist/HR Liaison

Don't let her last name deceive you, this Prince-loving, roller derby chick is one hard-hitting seller!

Laura Sweet
Domestic Sales Manager

You can find her spending her days on the sandy beaches of the California coast.

Sandy Arias
International Sales Manager

Her name is appropriate as she usually wakes up around that time, and works until Dusk.

Dawn Blackstone
Head of Marketing

The graphical genius behind all of Earthly Body's graphics, email blasts, and the company dog - Whiskey

Nicolett Sziatinszky
Creative Director

While mostly invested in travel and pop culture, her many roles have made her a source for marketing answers.

Alejandra Gomez
International Sales and Marketing

She's got the last names of two Marvel Super Heroes, and the shutter speed to match!

Emma Stark Rogers
Director of Photography

From fashion to operational direction, there’s nothing this vintage aficionado can’t do, and her results show it.

Melissa Baird
Supervisor of Order Fulfillment/Customer Service

With experience in music, drawing, and operations, he’s the well-rounded piece needed to make things happen.

Tom Woodley
Operations Manager

Her office may be filled with components, but the best things to find are an abundance of sweets and dog cuddles.

Socorro Castaneda
Purchasing Manager

Our very own Morticia Addams with big curly hair, a heavy dose of nerdiness, and a bunch of sass.

Erica Sommers
Assistant Buyer

For financial questions and good memes, she is the source of the relevant answers needed on a daily basis.

Wendy Rendon

The proud owner of a sparkly purple mustang. Is being surrounded by purple glitter too much to ask for?

Heather Hatch
Event Coordinator

A God-fearing Vietnam Veteran who loves cognac, cuban cigars, and mentoring his grandchildren. Proud volunteer at the Veterans Administration Support Group.

John Avilas
Warehouse Manager

Watching over the final details of our finished products, she’s the strong leader of the entire production crew.

Natalia Sarmentero
Production Manager

Whether missing or damaged, this nail trendsetter is there to resolve any customer service issue that arises.

Michelle Roberts
Customer Service

I'm Claire. I like cute beaches and sandy puppies...wait... is that right?

Claire Costanza