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Hair Tutorials & Styles

HOW TO: Beach Waves

  1. Wash and condition hair with Nourish Shampoo and Hydrate Conditioner.
  2. On damp hair, spray Marrakesh X throughout hair to help detangle and reduce hair breakage.
  3. Blow dry hair with a diffuser, then apply small amounts of Mod throughout the hair, from middle to ends, to help defrizz and hold the beach waves.
  4. Grab small sections of your hair, spray lightly with Finite Hairspray and curl with a curling iron in alternating directions away from the face. Leave the end of the hair sticking out straight from the barrel to achieve an effortless beach wave look.
  5. Finish hair with a couple pumps of Marrakesh Oil in your palm and run product through curls to separate and add shine.

HOW TO: Dual Texture

  1. Blow-dry hair using Marrakesh X for shine and smoothness.
  2. Over direct hair on crown area, while blow-drying, use a little Bounce
    to create soft volume.
  3. On midshaft to ends, take 2 inch sections and lightly apply Wave, then use curling or flat iron to create loose curl/waves.
  4. For longer lasting style, spray lightly with Finite Hairspray.

HOW TO: Perfect Pony

  1. Spray Finite Hairspray lightly throughout hair and use flatiron to create soft waves and add volume.
  2. Break up the wave with your fingers and part off a section on the side of the hair where you can add a French braid, fishtail braid, or twist.
  3. Create lots of texture and height through top of hair by teasing and using Mod. Then secure into a ponytail.
  4. Use a small section from underneath your ponytail to wrap around band for a more finished look.
  5. Lock style in place and puff the ponytail with Hold.

HOW TO: Bouncy Blowout

  1. Apply Mod and Bounce to clean, damp hair and blow dry using a medium round brush on small sections creating volume and subtle bend.
  2. Use a large curling iron to add soft waves randomly throughout the hair. Spray with Finite Hairspray for added hold.
  3. Finish style by breaking up curls for a more natural playful look.

HOW TO: Fun Faux Hawk

  1. Generously apply Bounce throughout clean, damp hair from base to ends.
  2. Blow dry top of hair upward off of the base to set in lots of lift. Use a small round brush to smooth hair at nape and sides.
  3. Use Finite Hairspray and flat iron upwards and outwards on thin horizontal sections starting from the fringe working back to the crown.
    Use your fingers to break up and soften your iron work.
  4. Emulsify Mod in your hands and use to add definition, texture, and hold for this edgy look.

HOW TO: Freedom Curls

  1. On damp hair, apply Curl from base to ends and blow dry with cool air
    while working through product with fingers.
  2. Take small sections and twist hair with Mod for supreme separation.
  3. Dispense Kahm in palms of hands, emulsify well, and apply over twisted
    sections for added softness and resistance from humidity.

Marrakesh Hair Cocktails

Sleek on the Beach

Styling products to use:

  • Marrakesh Oil (Hair Styling Elixir)
  • Marrakesh X (Leave-In Detangler)
  • Kahm (Smoothing Treatment)

Mix equal parts of all products in your hand and run through wet hair before drying to tame fly-aways and add shine.


Styling products to use:

  • Marrakesh Oil (Hair Styling Elixir)
  • Kahm (Smoothing Treatment)

Mix together 1 pump each of Oil and Kahm and work through wet hair before drying for a sleek shine perfect for any girls night out!


Styling products to use:

  • Marrakesh X (Leave-In Detangler)
  • Wave (Sea Salt Spray)

Mix together 1 pump each of Marrakesh X and Wave in the palm of your hand and smooth over wet hair for perfect curls. Great for fine hair.

Pina Curlada

Styling products to use:

  • Marrakesh Oil (Hair Styling Elixir)
  • Endz (Split End Mender)
  • Curl (Curl Cream)

Blend together 1 pump each of Oil, Endz, and Curl and work cocktail into curly wet hair for shiny and frizz-free curls all day! Great for medium to thick hair.


Styling products to use:

  • Marrakesh Oil (Hair Styling Elixir)
  • Marrakesh X (Leave-In Detangler)

Mix together equal parts Marrakesh Oil and Marrakesh X in your hand and smooth through wet hair and watch tangles disappear! Perfect for kids.

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