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Argan Oil from Goats

How Argan Oil is Made: From Goat to Shampoo

Many of us know of argan oil as a natural product that can be eaten or used in cosmetic and hair care products for the benefits it provides. But how is the product actually made? It’s kind of an interesting story, and it involves Goats. Yup you read that right.  Goats. read on to find out more.


Put the goat in the tree


If you ever visit Morocco, be warned that you may see goats in trees. What are these goats doing? They are working to process the nuts of the argania spinosa trees that yield argan oil. This processing helps to soften the nuts so they are easy to open.

The Argania Spinosa tree in Morocco


The process


And, yes, this means the goats actually eat the nuts and excrete them to soften them. The seeds are then retrieved for further processing. Next the nuts are left to dry. When first picked, they look like green olives, but after they are left to dry, they will be brown and shriveled in appearance. Once the nuts are sufficiently dried, two stones are used to break apart the flesh and break away the hull. The nuts are then ground by hand which is said to preserve their healthy nutrients better than machine pressing would. At this point, the nuts will have a runny pasty texture similar to peanut butter.


How Argan Oil is Made | Coop Women


An 88 to 1 ratio


Finally, the paste is squeezed by hand to extract the oil. The oil is bottled and made ready to be exported to manufacturers who can then include it in cosmetic products like shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers and more. The process used for making argan oil isn’t an easy one. The breaking apart of the nut is extremely difficult and it takes 88 pounds of the fruit to make just one liter of oil. And let’s not even think about sifting through goat poop! But the end product is quite worth it. Argan oil is often called the liquid gold of Morocco,  for the benefits it can provide. When it comes to hair, the fatty acids and antioxidants it contains protect your locks from damage leaving them looking healthier and shinier than ever. The oil can also protect the scalp from inflammation and excessive dryness.

How Argan Shampoo is made.

There are several companies that sell haircare products with argan oil in them, but Marrakesh stands head and shoulders above the rest (no pun intended!).

Marrakesh is produced by Earthly Body, a family owned business that uses argan and hemp oil in their products to provide your hair with the ultimate in strength, protection and shine. The argan oil works its magic while the hemp fortifies with its own strengthening and moisturizing properties. This combination of the two makes for an naturally-derived formulas that are free of toxins and are guaranteed to keep your hair looking its best.

Argan oil is not easy to make, but the benefits it can provide in making your hair healthy make it well worth the trouble. From tree to goat to shampoo, these nuts contain a magic elixir that can do wonders for our hair. How will you be incorporating it into your hair care routine?


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